electricity market

It has been nine years since Texas first deregulated their electricity market.  When lawmakers first started toying with the idea of electric choice, they believed that energy deregulation would result in lower energy prices for consumers, improved customer service, product innovation, and increased energy jobs.  Almost a decade after the start of deregulation and all of these proposed benefits have come true.  Customers have access to dozens of Texas residential electric rates.

Over two dozen electric companies offer service in some of the biggest cities in Texas such as Dallas.  People moving to Dallas can choose electric companies based on price, length of contract, green energy options, convenience factors such as online billing options, and promotional offers.

Here are some of the more popular electric companies in Dallas TX:

Bounce Energy has a low introductory offer, easy online bill pay and energy usage access, and great promotional offers.

Green Mountain Energy offers a variety of wind energy options for those who may be willing to spend a little extra in return for doing their part to help the environment.

Champion Energy has competitive rates to go along with their award winning customer service.

With one of the most active electricity choice markets in the World, Dallas is constantly seeing new electricity companies enter the market to give Dallas consumers even more energy options.



Electric rates in Texas are down to levels that have not been seen since 2002 when the electricity market first became deregulated.  The downward trend in electricity prices has been a result of falling natural gas prices throughout 2010.

Both residential and commercial electric customers are benefiting from the lower electric rates.  Residential customers are signing fixed electric rates in the $0.08 – $0.09 cents per KWh range, where previously they had been as high as $0.17.  If you haven’t checked your electric bill rate in awhile, now would be a good time.  Often if you remain with a provider for a long time without signing a contract, they will gradually raise the rate even if the market does not dictate that to happen.  Your bill should clearly state the rate (cents per KWh) that you are paying.  If the rate is above 9 cents and you are not in a contract, shop for a lower fixed electric rate.

Commercial electricity customers are seeing rates below $0.05 per KWh.  This is a huge drop off from where the electricity market was just two years ago when in was not abnormal to sign a fixed electricity contract above $0.09 per KWh.  The lower electric business rates have allowed many businesses to drastically cut down on their energy costs.



Electricity customers who are serviced by Metropolitan Edison Company (Met-Ed) are preparing to shop the competitive electricity market for the first time.  On January 1, 2011 electric rates for Met Ed customers, that had previously been capped, will expire giving customers the option to stay on the Med Ed default supply price or shop the market for lower electric rates.

It is expected that Met Ed customers who compare electricity rate offers from electricity companies will be able to save money versus the Met-Ed default price to compare rates.  Electricity shopping will result in lower electric bills for those electric customers who are able to lock in lower electric rates than the new Met Ed rates.

Met Ed residential customers should take the time to compare all electric offers.  It is expected that some electric companies will offer residential Met Ed customers variable rates that fluctuate with market rates, while other electric companies will offer fixed electric rates for up to two years that will give households price protection.  Other markets in Pennsylvania have seen low variable introductory rates followed by immediate spikes.  Sometimes a slightly higher fixed electric rate will save you a lot more in the long run compared to a lower variable electric rate.

Met Ed commercial and industrial customers will be given a variety of electricity rate options.  As Met Ed moves from a regulated environment to a competitive market, it will be extremely important that businesses take the time to educate themselves on all of their electricity supply options.  The right choice can save them thousands on their electricity bills.



Though Connecticut has some of the highest utility electricity rates in the country, many Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating Energy customers are discovering that shopping for lower electric rates can result in lower Connecticut electric bills.

The restructuring of Connecticut’s electricity market allows energy users to choose who supplies the generation component of their electricity bill.  Those customers who do not shop and compare electricity companies remain on the CLP or UI generation default electric rates.

Connecticut Light and Power (CLP) and United Illuminating (UI) continue to control the delivery component of the bill as well as the invoicing of the electric bill itself.  Choosing an alternative energy company to supply your electricity simply results in the rate on your bill changing so that you pay less and have a lower electric bill.

Connecticut electric rate payers are finding savings for their residential homes as much as fifteen percent, while commercial and industrial electric customers are saving as much as twenty-five percent.  If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to compare electric companies and find the lowest electric rates in Connecticut.