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Though residential electric rates lowered in 2011 for PPL electric customers, the lowest electricity rates in the PPL territory are being offered by competitive electric companies.  The PPL area contains about 1.2 million residential electricity customers in central Pennsylvania.  The majority of these customers are paying the default rate for their electric generation service known as the price to compare.

Customers paying the PPL default rate can find better electricity prices by shopping for competitive rates.  Those consumers who have taken the time to learn about electricity choice have realized that it makes sense as the end result is a lower electric bill.

Despite the price to compare rate coming down from 10.44 in 2010 to 9.27 in 2011, PPL customers can save an additional 9% if they lock in a fixed electricity rate by going here.  Even after choosing another electricity supplier, customers continue to receive their electricity bill from PPL.  PP&L is a local utility company.  Even though Pennsylvania has deregulated the electricity market, PPL continues to serve at the electric delivery company for all of their customers, as well as continues to send the monthly electric bill to all of their customers, even the ones who have switched suppliers.

Current Competitive Residential PPL Rates:


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dennis April 3, 2011 at 6:07 pm

what about Allegheny Power? They have been bought by First Energy and the PUC authorized the WEST PENN POWER name to be used by First Energy. I smell a rat!

What does the ElectricityWatch .org see happening in this part of PA ?

ElectricityWatch Team April 4, 2011 at 4:38 pm

West Penn Power is now the regulated utility for that area, just like PPL is a regulated utility for their 1.2 million residential customers.

Right now there are not a whole lot of competitive rate options for customers, if any, in the West Penn Power territory. This will change in time when competitive rates become lower than West Penn Power price to compare rates and energy companies start offering rate options to customers. Right now everything is happening so fast in Pennsylvania that the electric suppliers are focusing their marketing efforts on the biggest utilities in the state – PPL and PECO. But we’ll keep an eye on West Penn for you and publish an article on savings as soon as we discover them.

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