PECO Energy Bill Pay

PECO energy customers might be surprised to learn that even if they choose an alternative electric supplier, they will still be able to pay their PECO bill the same way they have been doing so, including online with e-bill.  This is due to the way electricity choice has been set up in the PECO territory as well as the whole state of Pennsylvania.

Choosing an alternative electricity supplier doesn’t end your tenure as a PECO energy customer.  PECO is a regulated electricity delivery company.  They are in charge of distributing the power in their territory, maintaining the reliability of the lines and wires, and controlling the management of the monthly electric bill.

PECO charges a default rate for electricity generation, also referred to as electricity supply.  When PECO customers use electricity choice to find a lower electric rate, that rate simply takes the place of the PECO default generation rate.  The customer can still pay their electric bill online, as they will still receive their monthly electric bill from PECO energy.

PECO Competitive Rates


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