Lower My PECO Bill

PECO is trying to prepare their customers for choice in who charges them their electric rates by unleashing multiple programs.  Recently, the PA Public Utilities Commission announced that Pennsylvania utility companies will offer customers a choice of who they buy their electricity from.  In addition, price caps that expired in 2011 in the PECO area – as well as Met-Ed, Penn Electric, and West Penn – have increased default rates and given consumers an incentive to shop.

PECO is rolling out numerous programs to help customers cope with increases including the PECO Smart Home E-Audit, Smart Lighting Discounts, Smart Home Rebates, and Smart Appliance Recycling.  Alot of smart programs, but probably the smartest way consumers will be able to reduce their electricity bill is by shopping for an alternative supplier that will offer a reduced rate versus the PECO price to compare default rates.

PECO will continue to deliver power to those customers who they are currently delivering to as well as continue to send invoices out.    The decision to choose an alternative electric generation company will simply be a choice to pay less.  We will be providing contact information and rates for alternative providers as we get closer to 2011.

Update, as promised above, here are the absolute best rates and electric providers we have found in PECO:
Rates are updated Daily


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