Electric Price Comparison

Electric choice options are heating up in some markets as we begin to enter the high energy summer season.  Customers who use websites to perform electric price comparisons will give themselves access to the most options and highest electric rate savings.

In Philadelphia, electricity customers of PECO energy are experiencing electric choice for the first time and a surprising number of residential and business customers are power shopping for lower energy rates.  PECO energy default rates are going to rise in the summer which has prompted people to explore electric rate options quicker than some had expected.  Because PECO default rates change on a quarterly  basis initial savings have not been huge, but people are starting to see that locking in a low electric rate can be beneficial as it protects you from future increases.  The other side of that argument is that default rates can go down causing you to be stuck paying a higher electric rate with another electric supplier.  While this a possibility, historic energy prices have shown that rates tend to go up in the summer.  Unfortunately, it will probably take a large energy spike for some people to start looking into their electricity choice options

In Texas, which has enjoyed a competitive electricity market since 2002, thousands of customers who had not previously power shopped saw their electric rates triple in the summer of 2008 due to rising natural gas prices.  Electric customers who had previously locked in low rates were not effected by the increases.  Today the majority of Texas electricity customers are in some type of electric supply contract.

New Jersey electricity customers are also getting low electric rate offers that can protect them from summer rate increases.  Performing an energy comparison of all the offers will allow electricity customers to get the lowest offers with the best promotional offers.  Promotional offers as high as a $75 gift card are available in New Jersey.


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