CT Electric Suppliers

The 1.5 million electricity customers serviced by Connecticut utilities CL&P and UI have close to a dozen options when it comes to choosing a Connecticut electric supplier.

CT electric suppliers range from small start up companies to sister companies of fortune 500 energy companies.  Some of the CT electric suppliers are only offering service to residential electric customers, some only to commercial and industrial electricity users, and others are offering service to all energy users.

Currently, more than one million Connecticut customers have not chosen a competitive CT Electric supplier.  Those who have not chosen a supplier pay a high default rate with either CLP or UI, who act as the electricity delivery companies for the majority of the state.  Residential customers can save up to 18.7% by choosing a new electric company to provide electric generation service.

When a customer chooses an alternative electricity generation (or supply) company, they simply are choosing a lower rate versus the CLP or UI default rate.  In most cases, the customer will still get their monthly electric bill from the utility.

Some CT electric suppliers, like MX Energy (click here), offer fixed rates that lock in a specific rate for a specific period of time.  In Connecticut, the default rates are set for one year at a time, so getting a fixed electric rate with an electric supplier can guarantee savings.

Other CT electric suppliers, like Positive Energy (click here), offer a variable electric rate that can fluctuate from month to month but gives the customer the option to leave at any point without penalty.


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