Competitive Electricity Supplier Offers Remain Lower than Meted Default Price

Residential electricity customers in the Meted service area in Pennsylvania saw their utility price to compare rate increase by twenty-five percent in the summer. This sharp price increase made room for competitive electricity suppliers in the area to offer prices that were significantly lower than the default rate, yielding double digit savings opportunities. As the summer comes to an end, those saving opportunities still exist for Meted consumers who have remained on the high Meted price to compare.

Despite the fact that competitive Pennsylvania electricity suppliers are offering rates with savings of as much as 17% versus the Meted default price, only 35.7% of residential customers in the area have selected a competitive offer. Customers who are skeptical of selecting a competitive electricity rate should know that all competitive rate plans are offered by electricity suppliers who are licensed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. In addition, even after the switch is made, customers will continue to receive their electric bill from Meted. Instead of being charged the current Meted default rate of $0.09725, the competitive rate would be charged instead, allowing the customer to save whatever difference is yielded.

Current competitive offers in Meted from electricity suppliers licensed by the state of Pennsylvania can be found below. All rate plans are updated in real time.


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