CL&P Electricity Rates Fall in 2013

The price for electricity generation supply will be less in 2013 for Connecticut Light & Power customers than it was in 2012. The electricity rate, which was above 8 cents for the entire 2012 calendar year, dropped to 7.615 cents on January 1, 2013 and will remain at that price for the entire calendar year in 2013.

The CL&P generation rate is the default electricity rate that consumers pay who have not shopped for competitive power rates. As an energy choice state, Connecticut consumers have the ability to shop and compare electric rates from multiple competitive electricity companies. Those consumer who choose not to shop pay a default rate with their local utility. In Connecticut the two major utilities are CL&P and The United Illuminating Power Company.

While the default CL&P rates have dropped, consumers can save even more by taking the time to shop for lower competitive electric rates. Below are offers from qualified competitive electric suppliers licensed by the state of Connecticut. All electricity rate offers are updated daily.


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