Alternative PSEG Suppliers Provide Savings Opportunities for Customers

On October 1, 2016 the New Jersey Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSEG) enacted a scheduled change to their basic generation service rate charged to residential customers. The rate change will effect roughly 1.7 million residential electricity customers in the state of New Jersey who are not purchasing their power from an alternative supplier. Basic generation service represents the costs for the power supply portion of the bill, which is also the section of the bill that PSEG customers have the option to shop around and search for a better price.

As of August 2016, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities reported that 185,973 PSEG residential customers, 10.4% of the residential customer base, had elected to purchase their power from an alternative supplier. For these customers, the rate change that took place on October 1 will not effect their monthly electric bill. Instead these customers will pay whatever rate they purchased from the specific alternative PSEG supplier for whom they entered into a contract with.

The remaining 89.6% of PSEG residential customers who are paying the high basic generation service rate of $0.125982 for their power supply have an opportunity to lower their electricity costs by finding a more competitive offer from an alternative supplier. The new PSEG rates will stay in effect until May 31, 2017. On June 1, 2017 the rates will increase even more to $0.137684 for some consumers. With no rate relief in sight from PSEG, the time to shop for competitive PSEG residential rates is as beneficial for consumers as it ever has been. Competitive rate offers below show the amount of savings versus the current PSEG basic generation service default price.


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